In Malaysia, nearly 80% of the population is an Internet user, and Smartphones are also spreading at a high rate mainly in urban areas. The number of people who enjoy online shopping on the Internet has been increasing rapidly and this kind of retrieval action has deeply in daily life. In such Malaysia SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solutions is one of the most important digital marketing measures. As in Japan, even in Malaysia SEO is widely recognized as an effective and cost-effective marketing method.

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When doing SEO solutions in Malaysia, the point that you have to be careful about is in what language to take countermeasures. Malaysia has various ethnic and several languages are spoken in one country. Main languages include Malay, which is the first language, English, Chinese, Tamil. Therefore, depending on the language in which the target you want to reach, the language for SEO solutions will also change. Since it is common that one person could speak multiple languages, it could not be simply divided by races, and elaborate research is required in select languages.


Keyword Selection

Keyword selection according to Malaysia's local sense.
After deciding on the language, next is to consider what kind of keywords are to be used for display at a top ranking.It is not enough to simply translate the word we thought, as the way of searching and the keywords used are not same with Japanese. If you are going to take solutions against SEO, it is meaningless unless the keywords you have displayed are actually being searched by local users. For that reason, it is difficult to select appropriate keywords and it is desirable to obtain the help of experts who understand the retrieval action in Malaysia.


Solutions that understood the latest situation of Malaysia's SEO

Solutions that understood the latest situation of Malaysia's SEO.
The Google search engine has started to evaluate the site including the content of the site and user experience, etc. Therefore, it became difficult for the small SEO solutions to display a high rank. In addition, it is important to understand what kind of websites and contents are being displayed in Malaysia and what kind of points you should be careful about how to take SEO solutions from now on. We will provide measures based on the achievements that led various websites to a high ranking display and doing research of our daily Google algorithm. We will grasp the latest algorithm of the evolving Google search engine and lead your company's SEO solutions successfully in Malaysia.

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