Repro Co., Ltd. (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo;  Director: Yusuke Hirata), a provider of Customer Engagement (CE) Platform Repro with over 6,500 installations in 59 countries around the world. Recently, we established a subsidiary, Repro Singapore Pte. Ltd. to dealing with sales and marketing in Southeast Asian countries. We will provide marketing support for web and apps cultivated in Japan, such as marketing, sales and customer success (CS) in Southeast Asian countries, mainly in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Repro Inc. is a Marketing Technology SaaS (Software as a Service) company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan on a mission to maximize communication between B2C companies and their customers.
Via its Customer Engagement Platform, Repro enables B2C companies to create lasting customer relationships by sending the right content to the right person at the right time. This personalized communication is achieved through the platform’s easy-to-use features which include automated data tracking, AI analytics & segmentation, and cross-channel messaging (App, Web, Email).
Repro also aims to go above and beyond to make their customers’ success a reality with its Professional Services. This team of dedicated consultants works directly with clients to ensure growth in their KPIs, such as conversion, retention, and LTV (life time value).

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Repro Singapore, Pte.,Ltd. Logo

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Tsubasa Sasaki

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Marketing platform & service

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June 2019


Odeon Tower #02-01, 331 North Bridge Road, 188720, Singapore