NESMY Solutions Sdn Bhd


Our company was established in Malaysia since 2016 as a subsidiary company of Nippon Electricics Service Co., Ltd.
We have been at a Japanese headquarters for many years.
We are promoting business focusing on "security" and "information communication".
In Malaysia, we also actively promote the sale of shower toilets that have not yet penetrated.

Service Contents


Selling Shower toilet "Tokyo Sukkiri"

"Tokyo Sukkiri" which our company sells is a product developed and researched for water quality and toilet environment in Southeast Asia.
There is no need for electrical work, installation is easy, furthermore it is a product with few failures.
Our company will correspond to investigate, sell, install, after-sales service.


Security / Information Communication

We propose crime prevention measures, network infrastructure construction.
(*Experienced staff enrolled)

Company Information

Company Name/会社名

NESMY Solutions Sdn Bhd

Representative Name/代表者名

Saburo Tateno

No. of Employees/従業員数


Nature of Business/事業内容

Security, information communication, Selling shower toilet

Tel & Fax

03-2731 4794


Date of establishment/設立年月日


13-09, Pangsapuri Service (Suite), Binjai 8 Premium SOHO, Lorong Binjai 54450 Kuala Lumpur