eeevo group is a Japanese marketing company established 8 years ago and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
We provide a wide range of services from human resources marketing in Southeast Asia to general marketing (ad agency, development, media management). In addition, our staffs are composed of members who have experience in Japan and overseas, as well as local staff with experience in Japan.
The specific services are as follows:
■ Marketing business (inbound, outbound)
LOperational advertising (Facebook, Google, local media, etc.)
LManagement of in-house media (for Southeast Asia)
LNetwork distribution of influencers in Southeast Asia
LBuying local media
LThe Largest press release distribution service in Southeast Asia
LSales promotion using AR
LSystem development, creative production

Service Contents


Advertising Agency

We provide marketing support from a variety of perspectives for Japanese companies that are expanding into Southeast Asia, and vice versa, for Southeast Asian companies that want to promote their business in Japan. We offer various tools and methods, such as digital marketing including Internet advertising, buying local media in Southeast Asia and Japan, marketing by using influencers who have a strong influence in the local market, and created creatives works that suitable for the Southeast Asian market.


◆ Digital marketing
We provide support for pure advertising in Southeast Asia and Japan, as well as operational ads such as GoogleAds / FacebookAds. We specialize in selecting keywords and target audiences that can appeal to the Southeast Asian market. In addition, we can provide comprehensive marketing support in the global region, such as creating sites in multiple languages and providing product sales channels.
◆ Media Buying
We offer online and offline media buying and negotiations, including mass media, OOH (outdoor advertising), and digital media, in Southeast Asia and Japan. We propose the best
marketing plans, such as using offline and online media depending on the market and product.
We also do buying local media in Southeast Asia.
* Including in-flight advertising, magazine advertising, sampling, etc.
◆ Influencer marketing
Utilizing our influencer network in Southeast Asia and Japan, we analyze data that obtained from influencers and propose as well as promotion the optimized marketing plans. In addition to advertising activities utilizing top influencers, we can also propose “publication guaranteed” and “fixed unit price” PR packages that utilize a large amount of micro-influencers in Southeast Asia.
◆ Creative
We can create websites, landing pages, and creatives for advertising optimized for the Southeast Asian market. In addition, we have both Japanese and local designers, therefore, we can provide creatives that combine both perspectives. Besides, since the director is a Japanese, we are able to accurately understand your company’s needs and work with you.
◆ SEO Solutions
Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services are performed by specialists who understand the latest structure of search engines technology in Southeast Asia and the characteristics of each language. SEO consultants who are familiar with the latest know-how such as site structure, page structure, content, site display speed, etc. We provide one-stop support from selection of keywords to implement solutions to verify their effectiveness.


Influencer Marketing

In addition to advertising activities using top influencers, we can offer “publication guaranteed” and “fixed unit price” PR packages that utilize a large amount of micro-influencers in Southeast Asia.
The main market-in of company’s transmission is different from the past by promoting your products from a large number of consumers (micro-influencers) who are “closest to consumers” and “most influential” to attract peoples.
* Price structure: "Fixed price" of "Number of posts from micro-influencers to SNS x Unit price (from 15,000 yen)"
* More than 100 casting can be arranged at the same time
* The maximum budget limit can be set


Owend Media 1:M-navi

Directory site for searching companies and services in Malaysia.
We operate in two languages, Japanese and English.
There are two sites, "M-navi Business", which mainly provides corporate and business information, and "M-navi Life", which provides lifestyle information for Malaysian residents. We also provide service to post coupons, press releases, seminar information, etc. as a promotional and PR tools.


Owend Media 2:Go Malaysia

One of the largest Japanese information media in Malaysia that provide information about Malaysia.
The target is Japanese who live in Malaysia and those who are interested in traveling / migrating / studying in Malaysia.
In addition, you can also access to other information you want to know about Malaysia such as local news, events, travel, restaurants, gourmet information, shopping, study, long stay, business, and job search.


Press release service

The lowest price in the industry for Overseas PR distribution from 39,800 yen!
We have a database of more than 6,000 media in Southeast Asia and over 20,000 media personnel. Able to reach influential media that are reading locally.
If you are confident in your products, but do not know how to approach the market in Southeast Asia, Please take this advantage to use ASEAN NEWS REACH !
● Feature 1
News are in local languages of Southeast Asia
Distribute news to media in their local languages such as Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, and Chinese
● Feature 2
Distribute to 6,000 media covering various industries
In addition to online media such as web media and influencers, it is also distributed to traditional media such as television, radio, newspapers, news agencies, and magazines.
● Feature 3
Database of 20,000 media personnel
Even if the news is distributed, is up to the person in charge of the media to get it published or not. Distributing news directly to editors, directors, and other people who can make decisions to publish.
■ Price plan
The lowest price in the industry for overseas PR distribution service from 39,800 yen
●Distribution fee
One (1) country: 39,800 yen * excluding tax
Two (2) countries: 69,800 yen * excluding tax
Three (3) countries: 89,800 yen * excluding tax
Five (5) countries: 98,000 yen * excluding tax
* Target area:
Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam
* Other areas (optional)
Upon request
Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh, Hong Kong
Translation fees*: 19,800 yen / language
* The above are the basic charges for English or Chinese, and price is various depending on the content and character volume.


Web AR

"WebAR" is a sales promotion tool that uses AR (Augmented Reality).
WebAR is a sales promotion tool that allows anyone to experience AR if they have a smartphone connected to the Internet without the need for an application to launch AR.
By introducing this, you can actually experience full-scale 3D in front of your customers from the following sales promotional tools.
① EC site / product site
You can launch AR directly from the website, check the actual price of products, set up the interiors, appliances, etc. in the room / house and check the image.
② Sales tools such as catalogues and flyers
Simply add a QR code into the documents, then you can check the full size product directly from the documents.
③ Outdoor advertising
By inserting a QR code on outdoor advertisements, you can provide a different experience using 3D simply by holding your smartphone on a signboard.


Web Production & Overseas SEO

We offer Japanese quality websites at local prices in Southeast Asia.
◆ Web production
Please leave it to us from creating a website such as landing pages, multilingual websites, EC sites, site management, SEO, and marketing using websites. A Japanese engineer will be the key person of contact and proceed with carefully and speedily.

◆ Overseas SEO
SEO solutions for attracting customers from overseas are completely different from SEO solutions conducted in Japanese.
The Languages, search engines, content, mindset of your competitors, SEO tools to use, etc. are completely different from the basics, and there is highly likely that you will fail if you think you can just translating Japanese content into English.
We’ve been involved in oversea SEO for a long time, therefore, we can propose you the best overseas SEO solutions.

Company Information

Company Name/会社名

eeevo next Sdn Bhd

Representative Name/代表者名

Noritaka Araki

No. of Employees/従業員数



Nature of Business/事業内容

Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing

Tel & Fax

03-2775 2467


Date of establishment/設立年月日

11th May 2017


B-9-2, Level 9 Block B Northpoint Offices, Mid Valley City, No. 1 Medan Syed Putra Utara, 59200 KL

Job Information

2018/12/27 Job Offer