Japan Business Ability Qualification Exam (JBAA)


The culture in Japan differs largely from that of various other countries due to historical and geographical backgrounds.
Many Japanese do not notice this cultural difference. Therefore, Japanese assume that foreigners will accept the Japanese culture. When people who were raised in cultures outside of Japan are active in a Japanese company, a variety of problems arise which originate from this difference of culture.

For foreigners to be able to blend in with Japanese culture, we feel it is best to first understand“What the differences are between Japanese culture and my home country?” and“Why it differs?”.
With this opportunity of Japan Business Ability Qualification, we see it as our most important mission to help foreigners who work in Japanese companies in Japan and abroad to accurately understand Japanese culture and business manners, thereby enabling them to reach their fullest potential.

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Improve business efficiency by "Japan Business Manners Training”

There is a common problem of "how to train foreign staff” facing by Japanese companies who operating their business outside Japan.
From basic things such as "Ho Ren So" to ethical matters, there are many things that are "Japanese common sense" but is not "common sense" in overseas, therefore, it is common for troubles may also occur from a difference consciousness.

"Japan Business Ability Qualification Exam Course" is a certification exam organized by Japan Business Ability Authorize Association (JBAA) in Japan. The target is foreigners who work in Japan or Japanese companies in overseas, with the aim of acquiring the unique business manners, practices and ethics of Japan.

It is a business with the goal of making foreigner to learn about Japanese culture and business customs, to allow the communication both inside and outside of the company progress smoothly, as well as to enable business to proceed efficiently.


We outsourcing a business manner lecturer

We will cooperate with about 1,400 Japanese companies* and Japanese language education institutions in Malaysia as well as the Malaysia government by outsourcing the lecturers to them to provide Malaysians with Japanese business manner course. We believe that with this course, it possible to make the business of Japanese companies became smooth.

Our Japanese Manner lecturer is professional Japanese teacher with knowledge about Japan and holding a certified JBAA lecturers license.
Furthermore, a certified JBAA exam will lead you to more easy on finding job. We also will expand cooperation with our recruitment company and human resource training company.

The textbook are written in both English and Japanese language, therefore, for those who is not a Japanese speaker also have the opportunity to learn the basic Japanese business manner.

※1,396 companies (Manufacturer: 712 companies, Non-manufacturer: 684 companies)as of December 2016 Reference:JETRO Homepage

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