Is your company fully protected against risk with insurance?
Do you think commercial insurance is necessary for your company?
TOYOTA TSUSHO HOKEN AGENCY is the agent specialized in commercial insurance under TOYOTA TSUSHO group and one of the leading Japanese corporate agent in Malaysia.
Normally very few companies take insurance as risk management. However, “Insurance” is an important aspect of managing company risk exposure as risk transfer.

We provide consulting and risk prevention survey for insurance purpose as well as proper advice at time of claim occurrence.  
We look into your risk totally to advise proper insurance and another risk management like agreement to protect your risk if necessary.
In the event that accidents occurred, our claim experts responded immediately and sincerely to process the claim smoothly. 
You will get advisory service by our claim experts with more than 15 years experience as well as USA certified accountant in the event that accidents or disasters occur. 

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Risk Management and Commercial Insurance 1 – Possible risks in Malaysia

Risk Management in Commercial Insurance 2 - 3 case studies of Japanese companies in Malaysia

Service Contents


At Purchase Insurance – Risk Prevention Survey

We are an insurance agent, and we provide risk prevention survey and risk management-oriented advice and consulting.

For manufacturers, we will visit your factories to assess the risk and recommend adequate insurance. We will advise you Risk Improvement Measurement if necessary.

Fire insurance premium rate is regulated by PIAM (Persauan Insurans Am Malaysia) -General Insurance Association of Malaysia in English. Certain fire-fighting equipment can reduce such regulated premium rate. You may enjoy further premium rate discount if you have a sprinkler system with proper water supply. We may advise you to improve your sprinkler system in order to reduce fire risk together with reduced premium rate.

However, this improvement involves high cost. So we will advise how much the expected premium discount is to compare the improvement cost. We give our best advice to you.

Please feel free to contact us regarding insurance if you are starting business in Malaysia or even if you have an insurance with the other.


Specialists take care of your insurance claim

You need insurance to cover your loss/damage upon claim occurrence.
“After claim” is the strength of our professional team.

In the event that accidents and disasters occurred, your claim is taken care by the Experienced staff in our Claim Department We sincerely negotiate with the insurance company until reaching the reasonable claim settlement.


What is Commercial Insurance? - All related to company risk management

Commercial insurance protects your businesses from losses due to incidents that may occur in the normal course of business.

● Properties including factories/warehouses/offices, stock and machinery
● Profits/revenue that you should have obtained
● Movable properties including office equipment/furniture and computers/servers
● Theft including by third party and staff
● Staff Benefits for employees and executive officers
● Liability against Directors and Officers
● Cyber Thread of your data

We take into account of Malaysian insurance current trends and situation to recommend insurance coverage.
Recently a lot of flood occurred and damaged cars in Malaysia but many damaged car owners were not covered by insurance because the basic coverage of motor insurance does not include flood damage. So we recommend you the motor insurance including flood coverage. Unfortunately many employees sued their employers against unfair employment treatment including unfair dismissal. Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance protects anybody having certain authority in the company like HR manager against such risk. As you know, Cyber world is more complicated than before and you exposure to cyber risk without knowing. Cyber insurance gives you peace of mind.

Commercial insurance cover broad range of incidents.
You may not be sure what types of insurance are necessary for your company.
TOYOTA TSUSHO HOKEN AGENCY provides you a wide range of insurance solutions customized to your needs of business and industry.


Review insurance regularly?

Forewarned is forearmed. If you have an insurance, you can protect your assets and mitigate risks.

Even if you have an insurance, your coverage might not be enough, your premium might not be reasonable or you might purchase unnecessary coverage.

You “MUST” revise your insurance regularly.

A new additional office is rented, a factory is expanded and renovated or a new machine is purchased. You are not fully covered by the current insurance unless the sum insured of your insurance is increased accordingly.

If your photocopy machine is on lease, we recommend you to check the lease agreement which shows who is responsible to purchase the insurance covering this leased photocopy machine. You may double insure your leased photocopy machine. This means you pay double premium but will not receive double claim payment. We review and audit your policies to advise the proper coverage.

If you are interested to find out more about our customized solutions for your business, please get in touch with us.
please fill out the form below. Consultation is free of charge.

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Toshiki Takei

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Commercial insurance agent (general insurance, life insurance, medical insurance), risk management advisory, consulting

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August 2003


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