March 13th | Seminar for employees who are working in Japanese companies by PASONA

March 13th | Seminar for employees who are working in Japanese companies by PASONA


What is Ho Ren So?
 - From Habits To Culture -

Date: Wed, March 13th, 2019
Venue: The Lounge 37 (in Menara SuezCap)

Guest Speaker:Thomas Yap
Thomas is often engaged by universities as a Guest Speaker at career and education fairs. On the corporate front, Thomas holds several key management appointments. Besides being the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Savant Garde Learning Solutions PLT, he is also the Chief Operating Officer of CN Global Group PLT, Director of Operations at Apogee Xpress Sdn Bhd., and Business Development Consultant with Maslow Trainers and Consultants Sdn Bhd.

【1 st Session】
The 3 Pillars of HoRenSo 14:00~15:30 HoRenSo is a basic but essential communication system that drives daily activities in any business. When practiced diligently, not only you are able to communicate effectively with your peers, colleagues and subordinates, but you are also able to acquire knowledge and skills through this process.

【2 nd Session】
HoRenSo in Action 15:45~17:15 Participants will be divided into pairs or small groups depending on the number of participants, and each team or pair will be given a scenario which they will have to act out – before and after applying the HoRenSo principles they have learned in the following parts: Hokoku / Renraku / Sodan

【3 rd Session】
Q&A Session 17:15~17:30

【Capacity】 60pax
【Participant】 Japanese expatriates・Local employees who are working in Japanese companies
【Fee】 RM 150
*Early bird discount (RM100) is applicable for early registration before 28th Feb 2019
*Invoice will be handed upon the receipt of payment. (Please bring along the name card and pass to receptionist)

【Application / Inquiry】
P.I.C: Ms. Natsuaki, Ms. Emilia
TEL: +60-3-2022-2813
*Please include the details as below
1. Company Name
2. Designation
3. Participant Full Name
4. Phone Number
5. Email Address


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