CAE Simulation Seminar @KL on 12 June

CAE Simulation Seminar  @KL on 12 June


Success Stories of CAE |Participation is free 

CAE (Computer Aid Engineering) used in various industries.
CYBERNET which supporting Japanese Manufacturing Industry for 30 years will hold a seminar on CAE.

CAE is widely used in the product development (R & D), design, and production processes of various industries such as electronics, machinery, precision instruments, automobile parts, and various consumer products.
In this seminar, we will explain "What is CAE?", "What can be done by CAE", "CAE software introduction results", etc. 

The targets of this seminar
・ Manufacturers who have production bases (plants) and the research and development department in Malaysia or ASEAN countries.
・Companies that required to submit product analysis results (performance evaluation results) from the product delivery destination. 
・ For Japanese Representatives / Local technical staff working in the manufacturing industry 

By using the method of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), it becomes possible to perform performance check and troubleshooting on mass-produced products on a computer (virtual experiment) which could only be considered by actually using prototypes. As a result, there are various merits such as better product development, cost reduction, and trouble prevention at the time of product use.

In this seminar, we plan to present the following successful cases so that those who do not have experience with CAE can easily visualize the benefits and effects of using CAE.

Successful CAE Introduction Case:

"The structural analysis has made it possible to identify in advance the risk of damage to our products / to make it even more difficult to break products by installing optimal ribs, even with cheaper materials.”

"By conducting thermal fluid analysis, we could find out where temperature rises inside the electronics machine, and we could also consider the suitable fan location to avoid risk."

Although the presentation will be in English for local engineers, there will be supplementary explanations in Japanese too. We also accept technical consultations and questions after the seminar.

The admission is FREE. Please feel free to apply.

■Event Detail

Date  12-June-2019(Wednesday)
Time    13:00 - 17:30
Venue Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia

■Seminar Contents

・Speech by ANSYS Inc
 ▽Pervasive Engineering Simulation for Digital Prototyping

・Success Stories using CAE
 ▽Mechanical/Fluids/Electromagnetics/System simulations
 ▽Sharing of success stories using CAE

・Simulation for Designers
 ▽Introduction of next generation CAE tools developed for designers
Presentation will be in English (Outline explained in Japanese)



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