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Electric/Electronic Design Engineer

Analog / digital circuit design (microcomputer peripheral circuit, power supply circuit, control circuit, radio circuit, high frequency circuit, etc.) LSI development, analysis and evaluation

Store Development Sales Support

Having training in Japan once recruited.
Main job tasks are on store development support tasks in Thailand (e.g.preparation of documents such as contract, interpreter etc).
In the future, you will became as supervisor and education staff to conduct guidance and consultation of Thailand and overseas franchise stores.

Embedded and development control engineer

・Embedded software development,Control program development, Firmware development (development by C language, C ++, assembler etc.)
・Development of various applications (Web, PC, information communication terminal) etc.

Machine design and development engineer

Design and development on (such as products / equipment such as mechanisms and housing design), experimental and evaluation related to design, various analysis work etc.

Business Consultant

We provide consulting services for to our clients who want to reform or create business, so they can attain great results. In other words we are trying to "CREATE SUCCESS" for our clients.
[Industries] Manufacturing, Logistics/Retail, Communications/IT, Finance/Insurance, Consumer Goods and Services, Public Sector etc.
[Services] Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Operations, Organization & Transformation, Human Resources etc.

Japan Business Ability Qualification Exam (JBAA)

"Japan Business Ability Qualification Exam Course" is a certification exam organized by Japan Business Ability Authorize Association (JBAA) in Japan. The target is foreigners who work in Japan or Japanese companies in overseas, with the aim of acquiring the unique business manners, practices and ethics of Japan. We are exclusive agent ...

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